Mediation and FDR

If you are unable to reach agreement about your children’s care arrangements, the Family Law Act requires parents to make a genuine effort to try to resolve their conflict through Family Dispute Resolution before filing an application for parenting orders. Financial settlements can also be successfully negotiated and resolved through mediation.

At De Saxe O’Neill Family Lawyers, both directors are experienced at representing their clients at mediations, or assisting to locate an appropriate Family Dispute Resolution practitioner who will meet with you and your former partner and assist you to make the appropriate decisions about the parenting arrangements for your children.

A mediator or Family Dispute Resolution practitioner (FDR) is an independent and neutral person who will not take sides with either parent. The FDR will encourage parents to think about what is best for the children, given the children’s age and stage of development, and the particular circumstances of their family. Both FDRs, and mediators for financial matters, work through the various options, and facilitate the making of agreed joint decisions in an informal, non-conflictual and confidential environment.

Anything said during FDR or mediation is confidential and cannot be used later in court, unless it discloses risk or abuse.

Both Margie and Janine can arrange FDR or mediation and can assist you with preparation for both. They can attend financial and some parenting mediations with you to advise and assist you to reach an out of court settlement.


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