Child Support

Child Support

Child Support: Ensuring the Well-being of Your Children

Child support arrangements are in the child’s best interest, so make sure you engage an experienced family lawyer to help negotiations run smoothly.

Comprehensive child support arrangements, involve one parent making payments to the other. This serves as crucial means of ensuring the financial well-being of your child, during and after separation. Given the complexity of these matters, enlisting the assistance of a top child support lawyer is recommended to facilitate a seamless process.

De Saxe O’Neill have extensive experience representing both mothers and fathers. We stand ready to create solid financial support arrangements for your child’s future. Located on the Northern Beaches and serving clients beyond, we specialise in:

Urgent Applications

Our adept child support solicitors can guide you through the process of making urgent applications when needed, even in circumstances requiring court intervention.

Child Support Assessment Act

Navigating the intricate landscape of the Child Support Assessment Act can be daunting. We will simplify this for you, ensuring you understand your rights and obligations under this legislation.

Review and Departure Applications

If you intend to review your existing child support agreement, we’ll provide comprehensive support, whether it’s through the courts or directly with the Child Support Agency.

Binding Child Support Agreements

Our expertise extends to crafting binding child support agreements, which go beyond standard periodic payments to cover various expenses like private school fees, extracurricular activities, and health insurance.

Our commitment as child support lawyers transcends gender, as we serve both fathers and mothers. Rest assured that we provide the highest caliber of legal guidance for all parties involved.

To learn more about our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to De Saxe O’Neill on 02 9948 3820.


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